Sunday, October 09, 2005


school fun

teachers beating children. you'll be interested to know that my school does not go so much for a whacking stick but more for a swift hand across the back of the legs. this is usually performed by the old science teacher whose face and personality is not unlike a a rabid pitbull. she often yells from a good distance away, runs to the terrified girl, then beats her legs until her legs look like they are the inside of a cavemans dwelling (handprints that is...) . first time i saw this i was horrified. astonishingly, now i am quite used to it. i do too sometimes join in the fun. great way to embarrass little shits who annoy you (although i dont partake in the physical abuse. im sure the old dog-faced woman is hitting the girls for many other reasons as well.... ie they are younger, prettier and have a calm demeanor).
i dont understand two fashionable things the boys do though. i understand the history of the low pants on the boys and the one leg pant up..... but why do they not realise how much of a mong they look? sure i had ridiculous faashion when i was in high school, but i think that was just because i was living in the age of MC Hammer. ( i still think Happy Pants are kinda cool.... and comfy) . the low pants suggest : no arse - surely the girls want something...
a freakishly long torso - it just looks weird
a kind of overall mental patient "i dressed myself today" look - speaks for itself.

as for the pant leg: you are not in a gang. your parents are dentists. you look stupid with half a pant leg up.

school is really a micro-cosmos of weird ideas. i must admit its made me laugh about some of the crap i used to get up to. the nerves of asking a girl on a date ( i have actually helped more high school boys with this than you would believe...) the "oh shit, thats right i have a test today" realisation panic, or the "sensei, what aftershave do you wear because the girls always say you smell nice so i want to buy it too....." - this being my favourite comment ive ever had.

i will finish with one question to anyone. what is the collective noun of high school kids? my friends and i thought maybe a "giggle" of schoolgirls and a "glom" of students on bikes (i nearly kill a few every morning as they are spread 5 kids thick across the road, all riding at the same speed). how about the boys? any ideas. a proud?
a glamour?

Not all teachers spank kids.I'm also a science teacher and I should say that I'm strict..reasonably strict and I believe that kids won't learn if they are afraid of their teachers.
Where do you teach Science? In Japan? I tend to agree with you, but there is a fine line between over-leniency and over-strictness...
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