Wednesday, November 02, 2005



I know I haven't of late entertained the complacency of sitting down and watching the tube as was as was my daily ritual back in Oz after a hard day at the office - but I fear that I really have been missing out since being in Japan on some hiliarity that sets the mind at ease. It was only until this week that I was enlightened unto the brilliance that is SCRUBS. For any who have seen this series - and me being a mere novice at only watching the first seven episodes (another 17 to go on the other 3 discs from the first series) I do say without equivocation that the Janitor is the funniest character - a brooding and imposing tall streak with impeccable timing and utterly droll . Personally one of my favorite lines is:
JANITOR (speaking to main character J.D.) "You look unhappy....I like that".

Are there any others who have seen this zany series, "where the staff are bizarre and the laughter is contagious"? (sic)

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